Introducing ThePureBag™ Yoga Bags + Accessories that provide hypo-microbial protection from bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other gross stuff. Our stylish, functional and sporty lineup features bold, reversible and non-reversible color combinations with vibrant accents — all to keep you and your personal environment fashionably fresh, hip and germ-free.
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Why Choose ThePureBag® Yoga Bag?

To sum it up, our yoga bag offers uncompromised quality, style and protection from germs.  Unlike a cotton yoga bag, our bag defends against bacteria and other microorganisms.  Our healthcare-grade vinyl yoga mat bag is durably constructed and is water, stain and abrasion-resistant – a truly weather resistant yoga bag.  These gym bags for women and men are stylish, functional, roomy and spacious for your yoga gear.  Our custom yoga bag even offers a detachable strap that can be used for stretching during class.  To complement our line of antimicrobial yoga bags, we offer accessories:  ZipPockets (a yoga purse bag) for your phone, cords, credit cards or makeup, a Cinch Bag (sweat bag) for dirty clothes, shoes or towels and a MatWrap to help protect your mat after practice.   We are confident you will love our cool yoga mat bag for yoga mat and accessories!

Detachable strap can be used for stretching and exercise

Hypo-microbial materials protect against bacteria and other common microorganisms — both inside and out

Stylish, core + reversible and available in multiple colors

Spacious and roomy, to fit your gear

Durable construction: water-, stain- and abrasion-resistant